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JPS Labs products are known worldwide for their uncanny
ability to infuse life into audio- The Finest Performance
from your system investment, and complete enjoyment...


JPS Labs brings a unique combination of materials and engineering to the world with its high performance audio speaker cables, interconnects, and AC power cords and accessories.

NEW!!!- PAC Silver AC Cable - Made in USA

JPS design's it's products to allow you to hear everything you feel is missing. From the quietest passages to the highest crescendos, our cables will breathe life into your system, bringing you closer to the original recording.

kaptovator lite
The Kaptovator Lite - High Resolution for any component

Many cables become a limiting factor in how well a system performs. All of the time and money invested in the careful design and installation of too many systems does not quite produce the intended results simply because what was once considered just wire becomes the smallest percentage or least consideration.

Similar to a high performance car with only average tires, a system cannot possibly perform to its fullest extent when cabling becomes a filter for the finer details the rest of the system can no doubt convey.

As your system improves with experience, a greatly refined JPS cable becomes critical to improving upon one's self, and one's system. Our products are designed to provide critical feedback as to where to concentrate your efforts in taking your system to a higher level of recording and playback.

Digital AC-X Power Cord - Improve your DAC and Player

From the lowest cost UltraConductors to the highly refined Superconductor Series, on up to the pinnacle of audio reproduction, the World's Absolute Finest™ Aluminata Series, all JPS cables offer far greater enjoyment from the most basic system to the most exotic and resolving of high-end systems available, a leap in performance beyond what most would consider possible.

What's more striking are some of the unique materials JPS Labs has developed, such as our proven and trademarked Alumiloy wire, a conductor material designed for a near flawless transfer of audio.

Hundred's of thousands of customers, equipment manufacturers, reviewers, and magazines, world-wide, believe in what we do, and place the JPS Labs brand as a highly recommended, long-term favorite. Cable that only moves us closer to the Source.

Our focus is to provide our customers with a unique experience within their systems by offering expert advice, professional service, and products that go beyond expectations and ultimately sold by people who care. Each addition of a JPS cable will consistently provide great results, particularly in very long lengths. Hear and enjoy music and movies like you've never thought possible.

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JPS Labs and our fine dealers are always available to help you make the best decision for your money and your music audio enjoyment. Contact our experts anytime if you have any questions or just need honest advice, or click for your closest dealer.

Since 1990, we provide the highest quality advice, products, and service available. Join us!

Products engineered and made in the USA.

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